We show, coach and inspire

Through workshop, deal clinics and speaking engagements we stand in your corner and show you what you are capable of. Knowing my business will get you to the table, being innovative will keep you there. Ignite the changes needed.

Our impact

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Roll up your sleeves and tackle your real opportunities head-on. The attendees complete our Financial Insights framework and build a compelling Closing Strategy for their real customer.

Case Study: Customer Impact
We focus on
  • Finding the Customer’s Northstar – Financial Insights, What to look for , where to find them and how to use them.
  • Close quicker and bigger deals – by building effective close & negotiation strategies.
  • Understand the Buying Process – and how to speed it up. Make it easier for the customer to say Yes.

Sitting at a training course for two or three days and listening to endless lecturing can be really tough on you but this was nothing like that…

“we had a lot of breaks, interactions, role-playing, exercises so we were laughing and I learnt a lot throughout.”

Giulia Bonciani
Executive Sales Specialist, Illumina


Deal clinics

Where sellers can bring their real deals to the table and unlock the secrets to success through hands-on collaboration and expert guidance.

Case Study: Application
Case Study: Closing Corridor
Get help at progressing deals at every stage of the sales process:
  • Engage & Discover – Getting that first meeting by leading with insights and build your credibility through what you ask, not what you tell. Trust is build through listening.
  • Progress – Inspire Customers to say yes by addressing 2 questions, should you do the project? and how should you structure the deal.
  • Get a Financial Analysis – on your customer with comparison to their competitors and their market.

“What truly sets Declan apart his deep knowledge and insight into the world
of the chief financial officer.”

“His understanding of financial strategy risk management and the broader financial
landscape isn’t paralled. On top of this he has exceptional communication skills, he
is an amazing storyteller leveraging his experience, as a CFO in particular to convey
key messages in a very, very impactful manner.”

Franck Alfero
Head of Customer Value and Transformation Advisory, EMEA South at Google Cloud


Speaking engagements

Unleash your CFO-engaging potential with Declan’s philosophy: Inspire, don’t just impress. Brace yourself for captivating speaking engagements that harness your existing abilities to captivate and excite the financial minds.

Provide your team with a fresh perspective:
  • Inspire Customers – to embrace the necessary change needed to survive and thrive in difficult economic environment.
  • Inspire Sellers – with the confidence to Engage and Excite every CFO.

“On top of the outstanding insight Declan offers, he also has a superb way of working with groups that drives engagement and enthusiasm throughout.”

“I would highly recommend you use Declan’s services if you feel you or your team could benefit from real insight and tuition into how to work with C Level execs.”

Andy Whyte
Chief Executive Officer

Coached thousands of sellers world wide

New York, Chicago, Orlando, Austin, Nashville, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto

Deals ranging from

$1.1 billion to $15k

Dublin, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Brussells, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Athens, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Buda Pest, Prague, Bucharest, Warsaw, Istanbul, Moscow, Nariobi, Mobassa, Johahesburg, Cape town, Riyahd, Dubai

Coached on over 300 deals

$2.3 billion revenue

Rio de Janerio, Buenos Aires

Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Gurgaon

“Working with Declan has helped me and my team demystify how to be authentic,
transparent and deliberate when working
with senior finance professionals across
all of our customer base.”

Aaron Reinitz
Head of Sales, Media & Entertainment, New York