On a mission

I am Declan Tyrrell (FCCA, FMAAT) a former CFO and Sales Deal Coach (Ex Google and Oracle) and founder of The CFO Whisperer. My mission is to get salespeople to stop selling. Yes that’s right. Stop instead find buyers. If you find a buyer and help them buy you will speed up the buying process, creating deeper connections and engagements and creating lasting business relationships.

My Journey

My role in essence is to help Sales people inspire CFOs around their digital transformation journey.

Sometimes this involves sharing stories such as how we can take some of the artificial intelligence and machine learning capability used by Nasa to help identify potentially inhabitable planets and apply that to the work of a CFO. Other times, it is about helping shape a particular deal so it’s easier for the CFO to say yes – for example, structuring a cloud deal as part of capital expenditure rather than an operational expense.

The key challenge at the moment is cost reduction

Earlier in my career, I was a CFO myself and strategy consultant.

I’m a former CFO and often feel like a recovering buyer, I’m at stage 7, apologies to all the sales people who tried to sell to me. I was a horrible buyer! Who has mastered the skill of negotiation and how to structure a deal. These experiences taught me to embrace constant change. In the past, we could talk about changing from a ‘current state’ to a ‘new state’. This meant finding solutions that were fit for purpose for today. That’s now gone. Today, we are changing from a ‘current state’ to an ‘ever changing state’. It means we’re looking for solutions that are fit for purpose for tomorrow without knowing what tomorrow looks like.

Don’t confuse comfortable with good or uncomfortable with bad

I live on greens as much as possible.

When I’m not busy reshaping the corporate landscape, you’ll find me immersed in a life filled with love, laughter, and the joy of adventure. I share a captivating journey with my incredible partner, Suzanne, and our dynamic brood of four amazing kids and 2 dogs. When I’m not empowering sales representatives to unlock their full potential, you’ll find me on the golf course, perfecting my game at Laytown & Bettystown Links.

I have helped CFOs by outlining how to self-fund the transformation journey using a four-pillar approach.

This involves simplifying the business through things like automation; using future-facing data and predictive analytics that empowers early corrective action to be taken; creating a collaboration-centred environment; and having an innovation-driven culture that attracts and retains top talent, allowing for continual change and disruption of your market.

My goal for the year is to better understand how the new chat technology can be applied to the role of the CFO.

For example, can artificial intelligence tools such as Bard and ChatGPT be applied to interpreting financial information, thereby creating a digital CFO coach to help lines of business leaders drive both productivity and profitability?

Listen to understand not respond

Authentically me.

You being you, quite simply, is the best way to win over a prospect. People respect authenticity, primarily because they equate it with trust and credibility. If you’d like to find out more please reach out.