Aaron Reinitz

Head of Sales, Media & Entertainment, New York

“Working with declan has helped me and my team demistify how to be authentic, transparent and deliberate when working with senior finance professionals across all of our customer base. I think now more than ever it is important to be fluent in the levers that make the most difference to finance leaders inside of large enterprize organisations. Declan brings no shortage of expertise and experience in speaking a common language, remaining focused on a mutual set of goals and ultimately setting you and your team up for success when engaging with finance leaders.”

Franck Alfero

Head of Customer Value and Transformation Advisory, EMEA South at Google Cloud

“What truly sets Declan apart his deep knowledge and insight into the world of the chief financial officer.

His understanding of financial strategy risk management and the broader financial landscape isn’t parrelled. On top of this he has exceptional communication skills, he is an amazing storyteller leveraging his experience, as a CFO in particular to convey key messages in a very, very impactful manner.”

Andy Whyte


“Declan ran a series of classes and workshops on a recent sales boot camp I was on with Oracle. Declan’s main role was to give insight into the world of the CFO. In short, I learnt more about how to work with C level executives in a few hours with Declan than I have in years of working with them in real scenarios. I would HIGHLY recommend you use Declan’s services if you feel you or your team could benefit from real insight and tuition into how to work with C Level execs.”

Greg Galstaun

Head of strategic customer partnerships

“Declan – what can I say about him? Just an amazing person.
Someone who can immerse himself in the customer’s perspective and translate the challenges into simple, concise messages that resonate not just with the
C Suite but throughout the organisation. Declan has helped me countless times in this way and has always delivered his point of you in an assertive but incredibly humble way.”

Haris Odobasic

Revenue Growth partner for startups and scale ups

“Declan is an extremely clear coach. With clear, I mean it is easy to follow him while he explains a complex topic. I don’t encounter such a talent every day. I met Declan first during a one-day finance training. He presented the life of a CFO and practiced pitches with us, which was a brilliant and fun exercise. He has decades of experiences in finance, but he is also able to present his experience in a clear, simple and metaphorical way that it is easy to grasp complex topics in a short time (without using any visual presentation!). After the session, I further consulted him for personal coaching session. I wish him the best and recommended working with Declan. Surely, I will do it again.”

Adolfo Lozano Torralvo

SaaS Pre-Sales Leader and Consultative Seller

“I went through a week-long Sales Training on which Declan had a key role. It was a truly transformational experience to me, which got results in 5 days that many others failed to achieve during years. Declan was a constant source of inspiration, providing us with great insight due to his vast experience, pedagogic skills and sense of humor. I would recommend any training in which he is involved without any hesitation – not only it will be very useful, but also a lot of fun!”

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