Demystifying the
world of the CFO

Are your sales opportunities being blocked by the CFO?

Working with us

  • Increase Revenue
    Use Financial Insights to make it easier for the customer to say yes
  • Speed up the buying process
    Increase efficiency. speed up processes. Simplify the complex
  • Understand the Buyer Mindset
    Find a buyer and help them buy
  • Find and Use Financial Insights
    Credibility is built by what you ask not what you tell, find the right questions
  • How to structure Deals
    Structure deals so it’s easier for the Customer to buy
  • Understand Buyer Tactics
    Turn buyer tactics into closing strategies

85% of our financial success is down to
our ability to communicate

To communicate effectively we need Authenticity, Bravery and Clarity.

Carnegie Institute of Technology

What we do


Our hands on practical Workshops have attendees work on their real opportunities.

The attendees complete our Financial Insights framework and build a compelling Closing strategy for their real customer.

Show you
Deal Clinics

Are your sales stalling? Are CFO’s disrupting your deals with fresh financial scrutiny?

Deal clinics are where sellers can bring real deals to work through.

Coach you
Speaking Engagements

You already have everything you need to engage and excite the CFO.

Look to inspire not impress is Declan philosophy and this is reflected in speaking engagements.

Inspire you

“Declan has a superb way of working with groups that drives engagement and enthusiasm throughout…

I would highly recommend you use Declan’s services if you feel you or your
team could benefit from real insight and tuition into how to work with C Level execs.”

Andy Whyte

Trusted by

“Declan is someone who can immerse himself in the customer’s perspective and
translate the challenges into simple, concise messages that resonate not just
with the C Suite but throughout the organisation.”

Greg Galstaun
Head of strategic customer partnerships, Google Cloud

Coached thousands of sellers world wide

New York, Chicago, Orlando, Austin, Nashville, San Francisco, Las Vegas, Toronto

Deals ranging from

$1.1 billion to $15k

Dublin, London, Paris, Milan, Madrid, Brussells, Vienna, Berlin, Zurich, Athens, Amsterdam, Copenhagen, Stockholm, Buda Pest, Prague, Bucharest, Warsaw, Istanbul, Moscow, Nariobi, Mobassa, Johahesburg, Cape town, Riyahd, Dubai

Coached on over 300 deals

$2.3 billion revenue

Rio de Janerio, Buenos Aires

Tokyo, Sydney, Hong Kong, Singapore, Manila, Gurgaon

“Working with Declan has helped me and my team demystify how to be authentic,
transparent and deliberate when working
with senior finance professionals across
all of our customer base.”

Aaron Reinitz
Head of Sales, Media & Entertainment, New York